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Iranianfruits is a supplier  of saffron, nuts, fruits and medicinal plants , established in 2012

Our main goal in Iranianfruits is to satisfy the customer. Therefore, the whole team of Iranianfruits is constantly understanding the customer’s needs and we are looking for a suitable solution in the shortest possible time, the lowest cost and maximum customer service

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Quality Control


IranianFuits agri has put quality first since its inception. Today, quality remains a cornerstone of our strategy. Having a team consisting of specialized experts in each product who have sufficient knowledge of understanding quality products, product quality control such as saffron, pomegranate, raisins, pistachios and medicinal plants are purchased with close supervision and packaged according to customer needs.



Wash in the fruit sorting machine

washing brush and the drying brush, and they operate completely separately from each other.

Sizing in fruit sorting machine

This device separates fruits based on volume and the ability to adjust the height of the output conveyor to prevent damage caused by falling and bruising the fruit


Our Services

Private Label and OEM

Private Label and OEM
One of our popular services is our ability to provide Private Label or Own Brand products – with your label, language and requirements professionally produced on Iranianfruits Made products.
We offer a number of weight and packaging options and we also label to your requirements
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Best Price

Best Price
The optimal price is obtained when both the seller and the buyer make a profit. It is a balanced price in which the win-win rule is achieved for both parties and both parties are satisfied with this price
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Wholesale bulk Saffron, nuts and dried fruits

Wholesale bulk Saffron, nuts and dried fruits
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Specialty Product Sourcing

Specialty Product Sourcing
Iranian fruits Fruits have built sustainable relationships with their grower base, enabling key long term strategic plans to be made
We have an extensive network to supply quality products in Iran, with the help of which we are able to provide a variety of products with different quality and any metric ton for our customers
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Our Team

Iranianfruits has a dynamic, experienced, creative and innovative team. Our team believe that honesty, sense of responsibility and accountability can lead to a strong, long-term and loyal relationship with the customer. Due to the specialized field of study and full knowledge of the dried fruit and fruit industry, we can offer smart and innovative solutions to each customer that is tailored to their needs.

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Morteza Ebtedaei

Chief Commercial Officer

Samira Mahdavikia

Chief Communications Officer

$3.5 (Kg)

$0.85 (kg)

$400 (Metric Tons)

$0.95 (kg)

$18 (Kg)

Zante Currant
$4.9 (Kg)

$12 (Kg)


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